Since its inception in 1996, Plastica Store swiftly became a subject of interest in the world of tastemakers and cultural commentators, earning features in a diverse array of newspapers and journals from around the globe. Between 1997 and 2014, this unique boutique graced the pages of both national and international publications, receiving accolades for its innovative approach to retail and its knack for curating a distinctive array of products.

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2014

  •, The Third Eye, Carla Denker of Plastica May 14, 2014.

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2013

  • Daily Candy Cool Office Supplies Website Listing BLACKWING Pencils April 2013
  • Virtual Shopping Guide Beso Store Listing February 2013

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2012

  • TimeOut Los Angeles Holiday Gift Guide Website Listing December 2012
  • Daily Candy The Roundup Website Listing Mr. Wilson & Polar Ice November 2012
  • West Third Street Blog Get Into Plastica Store Listing February 3, 2012
  • Travel Curator LA Shopping Store Listing January 2012

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2011

  • Alllure Korea OH LA! LA! Store Listing May 2011
  • WGSN Los Angeles: Retail Report Store Listing May 16, 2011
  • American Eagle Latitudes Retail Therapy in West LA Store Listing May/June 2011
  • The New York Times Travel Store Listing April 24, 2011
  • Sunset Magazine SoCal Insider Store Listing April, 2011
  • Daily Candy Office Accessories that Get the Job Done Website Listing / Caran d’Ache Pens March 29, 2011
  • Apartment Therapy Small Cool Book Store Listing January, 2011

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2010

  • Where Magazine Give Good Gifts Store Listing December, 2010
  • Where Magazine 30 Things We Love / Los Angeles Store Listing October, 2010
  • Essence Magazine Healthy Food Fast – Let’s Do Lunch / Bento Box Website Listing September, 2010
  • DAILY CANDY Store Profile October 14, 2010
  • THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER Store Profile / Website listing June 23, 2010
  • LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE West 3rd Street Shop Listing / Store Shot June, 2010
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES The Scout Website & Shop Listing / Cat Chalets Saturday, March 13, 2010
  • MARTHA STEWART LIVING The Briefing Website Listing / Ross Dish Towels March, 2010

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2009

  • COOKING WITH PAULA DEAN  Paula’s Picks  Website Listing / OOTS! Lunch box  September/October, 2009
  • SUNSET MAGAZINE  No Fuss Picnic  Website Listing / Bento Box & Bread Bag  August, 2009
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES  The Scout  Website & Shop Listing / Sale  Saturday, August 1, 2009
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  Best Summer Ever!  Website Listing / Bento Box  July, 2009
  • BON APPETIT MAGAZINE  What to buy now / The List / Shopping  Website Listing / Striped rug by Chilewich  July, 2009
  • COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE  In The Garden / Fresh picks  Website Listing / Aluminum Bird House  June, 2009
  • BON APPETIT MAGAZINE  What to buy now / The List / Shopping  Website Listing / Jupiter bucket  March, 2009
  • DOMINO MAGAZINE  Fancy Felt  Website Listing / iphone case  March, 2009
  • HEALTH MAGAZINE  Take your lunch  Website listing / Bento Box  Jan/Feb, 2009
  • HYBRID MOM MAGAZINE  Live – Hybrid gear  Website listing / Carrie Shopping Basket  Winter 2009

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2008

  • DOMINO MAGAZINE  Wandering on West 3rd Street  Website Listing / Bento Box & Mepra Flatware  December 2008
  • WHERE MAGAZINE  Shop guide  Website Listing / Carrie Bike Basket  September 2008
  • BEVERLY HILLS DESIGN & LIFE MAGAZINE  Wandering on West 3rd Street  Shop Listing / Store shot  October 2008
  • REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE  Wandering on West 3rd Street  Website Listing / Thermos food jar & Bento Box  September 2008
  • WHERE MAGAZINE  West 3rd Street  Shop Listing / Store shot  September 2008
  • MARTHA STEWART MAGAZINE  Lunch  Website Listing / Bento Box  September 2008
  • EVERYDAY WITH RACHEL RAY MAGAZINE  Lunch  Website Listing / Bento Box  August 2008
  • COOKIE MAGAZINE  The Makeover; bye-bye baby  Website Listing / Owl Pillow & Hot Glue Bucket  August 2008
  • READYMADE MAGAZINE  To go  Website Listing / Thermos food jar & Bento Box  June/July 2008
  • DOMINO MAGAZINE  Garden Spread  Website Listing / Bird Feeder  April 2008

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2007

  • READYMADE MAGAZINE  46 gifts worth celebrating  Website listing / Bento Box  December 2007
  • HOME COMPANION  This We Like  Phone listing / Tall Round Bento Box  August / September 2007
  • BLUEPRINT  The Entryway  Web listing / Magnetic Strip  August 2007
  • COOKIE  Backyard Adventures  Web listing / Unison Track Pillow  July/ August 2007
  • BON APPETIT  The 48-Hour Backyard Makeover  Website listing / Spun Vynyl Table Runner  June 2007
  • TIME OUT NEW YORK  Express Lane, Picnic Knacks  Website listing / Food Jar  May 24 – 30, 2007
  • HOUSE AND GARDEN  Elements of a Room, Domestic Bliss  Website listing / Plastic Woven Mat  May 2007
  • COUNTRY HOME  The Dish  Website listing / Bento Box  April 2007

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2006

  • NEWSWEEK  Holiday Gift Guide  Website listing / Bento Box  November 27, 2006
  • ELLE MAGAZINE  Elle Fashion Insider – Liz Goldwyn  Shop Listing / Store Shot  November 2006
  • OPRAH MAGAZINE  THE O List  Website listing / Bento Box  November 2006
  • CHILD MAGAZINE  Child’s Best Toy Awards 2006  Website listing / Babals  November 2006
  • NICK JR FAMILY MAGAZINE  WHIZ KIDS  Website listing / Solar Helicopter  November 2006
  • CHILE PEPPER MAGAZINE  Hot Commodity  Website listing / Collapsible Funnel  October 2006
  • COOKIE MAGAZINE  Traveling Los Angeles – Beverly Hills and Hollywood  Shop Listing / Store Shot, Rody and Marimekko Change Purse. October 2006
  • COOKIE MAGAZINE  Vision in White  Website listing / Russian Never Fall Doll  September 2006
  • SKIRT!  Skirt loves!  Website listing / Collapsible Strainer  August 2006
  • BON APPETIT MAGAZINE  Bon Vivant; WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S HOT, WHAT’S GOOD.  Shop listing / Collapsible Strainer  July 2006
  • COUNTRY HOME MAGAZINE  We Love it; Take flight to the City of Angles.  Shop listing / Plastic rugs  June 2006
  • SUNSET MAGAZINE  Los Angeles Deals; Travel  Shop listing  April 2006
  • JANE MAGAZINE  Home Designing  Dish scrubbers  April 2006
  • THE NEW YORKER  To Shop and Drive in L.A.  Shop listing  March 20, 2006
  • METROPOLIS MAGAZINE  Metropolis Productsphere.  Rody and Shop listing  March 2006
  • DELTA SKY MAGAZINE  Third’s the Charm.  Shop listing  February 2006
  • QUICK AND SIMPLE MAGAZINE  Cozy Cabin.  Log Baby Bib by Pink Francis  January 24, 2006
  • PLENTY MAGAZINE  Fifty Presents with Principles.  Jimi Wallet by Mr. Smith  December/January, 2006

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2005

  • BON APPETIT MAGAZINE  Tools for the Tree.  Japanese Scrub Brush  December 2005
  • QUICK AND SIMPLE MAGAZINE  What’s Under the Tree?  Childrens Frog Rain Boots by Wellipets  December 6, 2005
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES  Home: The Age of Affordable.  Mesh bag by Mary Jane  November 10, 2005
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES  Home: Fall Gardens; Oval office for the birds.  Egg Bird Feeder  October 6, 2005
  • LEMONADE MAGAZINE  Shopping Online  Shop Listing  October 2005
  • CELEBRITY LIVING  Electric brights; ultra-bold color  Vintage Inflatable Pillows, Woven Plastic Baskets  August 29th, 2005
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES  Rugs, alfresco  Pappelina Plastic Rug  August 18th, 2005
  • SHOP ETC.  Home  Pappelina Plastic Rug and Plastic Woven Basket  June/July 2005
  • TRAVEL & LEISURE MAGAZINE  Gear Up  Vintage Inflatable Pillow  June 2005
  • RETAIL NEWS  Shops around the World  Store Profile  May/June 2005
  • NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE  Style Map, Walk on Buy  Shop Listing  April 3rd, 2005
  • WGSN.COM  City by City City Guide, 3rd St. Los Angeles  Shop Listing  January 2005
  • WWW.JARGOL.COM  Shopping Guide  Shop Listing  2005

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2004

  • NYLON MAGAZINE  2004 Gift Guide  Shop Listing  Dec 2004/Jan 2005
  • JUSTINE MAGAZINE  Justine’s Gift Guide  Ipod Case, “Do Not Disturb” Sign and Connector Coloring Markers  Winter, 2004-2005
  • BUDGET LIVING MAGAZINE  Supplies in Demand  Broccoli Card Holder  October/November 2004
  • PAPER MAGAZINE  The Deer Guy, David Wiseman  Deer Heads  October 2004
  • LUCKY MAGAZINE  My outside inspirations, Su Sazama of Fitzsu  Vintage Inflatable Pillow  October 2004
  • ORGANIC STYLE MAGAZINE  Show Boat, Angela Lindvall’s house boat  Plastic Woven Mat  September 2004
  • TVB USA, ‘WAZ UP’ TELEVISION  PLASTICA  Store Profile  May 29, 2004
  • LA TIMES MAGAZINE  Home Design Issue  Heller Dishes, Inflatable Pillows and Balls  May 16, 2004
  • SHOP LIFT MAGAZINE  Buy the way – Mapping out what’s in store for  LA’s hippest shopping destination 3rd Street  Shop Listing  Spring 2004
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  A Tale of Two Closets – Getting Organized  Soho Spice Rack  February 2004

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2003

  • SOMA MAGAZINE  The Street Issue – In and out of LA Shop Listing 2003 -READYMADE MAGAZINE RE-TAIL  Recycled Record Bracelets Fall 2003
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  Objects of Desire – Happy Hampers  Plastic Woven Laundry Baskets  July 2003
  • BUDGET LIVING MAGAZINE  More is more – Sasha Emerson’s Home  Plastic Woven Mats  April / May 2003
  • BUDGET LIVING MAGAZINE  The Goods on Decorating – Wet and wild  Plastic African Teapot  April / May 2003
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  Objects of Desire – Rack ‘em up  Magazine Racks by Design Cafeteria  April 2003
  • KOREAN NEWSPAPER  Plastica  Store Profile  March 2003
  • DAILYCANDY.COM  Home is where the Art is – Shed Light  Vintage Danish Lamp  March 4, 2003
  • LA WEEKLY NEWSPAPER  For the Record – Style Pent MFG  Recycled Record Bracelets  Feb. 14 – 20, 2003
  • BUDGET LIVING MAGAZINE  The Goods on Fashion – Pick your pockets  Plastica Label Wallets  Feb / Mar 2003
  • READYMADE MAGAZINE  Your Welcome – Spell it out with a custom door mat  Flip-flop Doormat  Winter 2003

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2002

  • BUDGET LIVING MAGAZINE  Presents of Mind  Plastica Log Pillows  Dec/Jan 2002/2003
  • TONE MAGAZINE  Holiday Gift Guide  Shop Listing  Dec/Jan 2002/2003
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES NEWSPAPER  Holiday Extra – 3 Days and Counting  Plastica Label Wallets  December 22, 2002
  • READYMADE MAGAZINE  Smart Synthetics  Plastica Label Wallets and Storage Bins  Fall, 2002
  • HOUSTON CHRONICLE NEWSPAPER  Your Daily Tread  Flip-flop Doormat  September, 2002
  • DAILY CANDY.COM  Step on it  Flip-flop Doormat  September 12, 2002
  • LUCKY MAGAZINE  L.A. Shopping Guide  Shop Listing  September 2002
  • NEWYORKMETRO.COM  Best Bets Daily  Vintage Inflatable Pillow August 2002
  • HOUSE & GARDEN MAGAZINE  L.A. Shopping Guide  Shop Listing  June 2002
  • DAILY BREEZE NEWSPAPER  No place like homely – Ugly Dolls  February 26, 2002
  • VOLUME 1 MAGAZINE  Shop Listing  2002
  • HOUSE BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINE  Molly Luetkemeyer’s L.A. Pad  Dish Rack by Marc Newson  January 2002
  • THE FAR SIDE CALENDAR  PLACES TO SEE PAGE  Shop Listing  January 2002

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2001

  • THE RAFU MAGAZINE NEWSPAPER  Holiday Gift Guide Store Profile  December 14, 2001
  • THE LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE  Holiday Gift Guide  Rody the Inflatable Kids Toy  November 25, 2001
  • THE SERIOUS SHOPPING GUIDE  Los Angeles  Shop Listing  November 2001
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  The joys of summer – beach basics  Plastic Woven Mat  June 2001
  • LUCKY MAGAZINE  Plastic Fantastic  Room Divider, Woven Tote from South Africa and Fruit Tray by Droog  March 2001
  • PAPER MAGAZINE  Los Angeles Shopping Guide  Shop Listing  January 2001
  • LUCKY MAGAZINE  Los Angeles Shopping Guide  Shop Listing  Dec / Jan 2001

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 2000

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES NEWSPAPER  Tree Chic: A Time for Branching Out’ – cool ornaments  Pom-pom Ornaments  December 8, 2000
  • HOLLYWOOD REPORTER MAGAZINE  Looking at the life and style of young Hollywood  Shop Listing  November 14-20, 2000
  • FIT PREGNANCY MAGAZINE  Beyond pink and blue, Nursery ideas  Room Divider, Plastic African Dolls,  Oct / Nov 2000
  • TOKION MAGAZINE  #18 ROOTS ISSUE  Mumble Boy Dolls  2000
  • LA WEEKLY NEWSPAPER  THE BEST OF LA ISSUE  Store Profile  September 22-28, 2000
  • INDEX MAGAZINE  Scene and Herd  Store Profile  June / July 2000
  • HOUSE BEAUTIFUL TELEVISION  Shop Listing  June 2000
  • WWD MAGAZINE  Los Angeles / Scene  Store Profile  May 2000
  • MARTHA STEWART MAGAZINE  Plastic Dinnerware  Vintage Plastic Dishes  May 2000
  • VANITY FAIR MAGAZINE  Fanfair  Shop Listing  April 2000
  • WHERE MAGAZINE  Los Angeles  Shop Listing  March 2000
  • CBS TELEVISION  Mike on the Move; Channel 2 news @ 6pm  Store Profile  March 2000
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  Objects of Desire  Plastic Electric Teakettle  February 2000

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 1999

  • VEGETARIAN TIMES MAGAZINE  Table Talk  Plastic Chopsticks  November 1999
  • ZYAPPU MAGAZINE  LA Underground  Store Profile  1999
  • BRITISH ELLE MAGAZINE  Hip City  Shop Listing  1999
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES NEWSPAPER  Life and Style / Bits ‘n’ Pieces  Plastic Log Pillow  April 11, 1999
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  Getting Around  Shop Listing  March 1999
  • JUMP MAGAZINE  For girls who dare to be real  Plastic Woven Mat  Jan / Feb 1999

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 1998

  • POPEYE MAGAZINE   PLASTICA  Shop Listing  October 1998
  • CUTIE MAGAZINE  PLASTICA  Shop Listing  July 1998
  • LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE  The Best of LA! – Shopping  Shop Listing July 1998
  • IN STYLE MAGAZINE  Objects of Desire  Plastic Chopsticks  April 1998
  • JUMP MAGAZINE  For girls who dare to be real  Shop Listing  March 1998

PlasticaStore Featured In Press 1997

  • LOS ANGELES TIMES NEWSPAPER  Life and Style / The Stuff  Store Profile  November 1997
  • DIVERSION MAGAZINE  Shopping  Shop Listing  November 1997
  • METROPOLITAN HOME MAGAZINE  City Report  Shop Listing  Nov / Dec 1997
  • LA BIZARRO BOOK  The Insiders Guide to the Obscure, the Absurd, and Perverse in Los Angeles  Shop Listing  1997
  • DETAILS MAGAZINE  Going Out  Shop Listing  February 1997

To know more about Plastica Store, its glorious history and present mission, visit the About page.

Author Profile

Carla Denker
Carla Denker
Carla Denker first opened Plastica Store in June of 1996 in Silverlake, Los Angeles and closed in West Hollywood on December 1, 2017. PLASTICA was a boutique filled with unique items from around the world as well as products by local designers, all hand picked by Carla. Although some of the merchandise was literally plastic, we featured items made out of any number of different materials.

Prior to the engaging profile in, the innovative trajectory of Carla Denker and had already captured the attention of prominent publications, each one spotlighting the unique allure and creative vision of the boutique. The acclaim goes back to features in Daily Candy in 2013, TimeOut Los Angeles in 2012, and stretched globally with Allure Korea in 2011. Esteemed columns in LA Times in 2010 and thoughtful pieces in Sunset Magazine in 2009 highlighted the boutique’s distinctive character, while Domino Magazine in 2008 celebrated its design-forward ethos. This press recognition dates back to the earliest days of Plastica, with citations going back as far as 1997, each telling a part of the Plastica story.

After an illustrious run, Plastica transitioned from the tangible to the intangible. While our physical presence concluded in December 2017, our essence endures. Plastica Store has been reborn as a digital haven, continuing to serve a community of discerning thinkers and seekers. Our new mission transcends physical boundaries to embrace a world that is increasingly seeking knowledge and depth.
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