Swedish Solid Grey Mat

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These rugs are great for any entry, kitchen, kids room, bathroom or even outdoors. They are a thick weave that is comfortable to walk on. Easy to clean by hand or machine washable and drip dry. 50% recycled plastic strips, which withstand rain and mold. Made in Sweden. Available in dark or light grey.

Washing Instructions: Machine wash at 30 °C with a synthetic detergent or by using a soft brush. The mat should not be dried in strong sunlight. Dried hanging from the long-side so that the water runs off in the direction of the stripes or laying on a flat surface if it is not possible to hang dry.

Dimensions: 27×20; 27×40; 27×60; 27×78; 27×98.

Please note: these are available to order. If you do not see your size contact us so we can order the right one just for you!

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27×20, 27×40, 27×60, 27×78, 27×98


Light Grey, Dark Grey