Roundabout Matching Game

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What does a headache pill and a bicycle tire patch have in common?
All of them are round and, alongside a total of 30 everyday objects, they are motifs of the matching game roundabout by Siebensachen. Already during the first playing session, it becomes clear that a bandaid can appear amazingly similar to an egg. There are plenty of appropriate occasions to enjoy the game: a round birthday, a pleasant evening among a circle of friends or gleeful delight in cleverly getting around one‘s opponent! Each piece is 2″ in diameter.

Featuring 30 matching pairs: balloon, band-aid, basketball, bottle cap, button, egg, food can, lemon juice bottle, light bulb, marble, medicine bottle, padlock, paper lantern, paper umbrella, pencil sharpener, pill, pins, puncture patch, salt shaker, sandbox mould, shuttlecock, sink strainer, spinning top, sponge damper, spray can, star-thread, tea light, toothpicks, toy gun caps, twine.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 3 in