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Tough, flexible and 100% foodsafe.


Product Description

Polyurethane buckets are strong, flexible and versatile! These containers were originally designed for outdoor garden use but are helpful in any activity. Storage for kids toys, bathtoys, laundry, garage organizing, and toting! UV resistant, frost-proof, flexible, 100% phthalate-free, food-grade material – safe for kids and pets.

Small – Height: 9″ (29 cm) Top Diameter: 13″ (33 cm) Capacity: 14 LTR / 3.7 GAL
Medium – Height: 12″ (30 cm) Top Diameter: 15.5″ (39 cm) Capacity: 26 LTR / 6.9 GAL
Large – Height: 13″ (33 cm) Top Diameter: 18″ (45 cm) Capacity: 38 LTR / 10 GAL
Extra Large – Height: 6.5″ (16.5 cm) Top Diameter: 23″ (58 cm) Capacity: 75 LTR / 19.8 GAL
Small Shallow – Height: 4″ (10 cm) Top Diameter: 11″ (28 cm) Capacity: 5 LTR / 1.16 GAL
Medium Shallow – Height: 4″ (10 cm) Top Diameter: 16″ (40.5 cm) Capacity: 15 LTR / 3.5 GAL
Large Shallow – Height: 15″ (38 cm) Top Diameter: 23″ (58 cm) Capacity: 35 LTR / 9.2 GAL


Made in Spain

shipping and misc. information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 19 x 15 in

large, medium, small, shallow medium, shallow small, shallow large, extra large


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