Tantuvi Rugs




These 100% cotton rugs are hand dyed and hand woven in India and are available in a variety of geometric patterns.

Tantuvi, which translates to weaver in Sanskrit, is committed to supporting weavers who, using centuries old looms and techniques, continue to pass down their trade.  They hope to conserve this rich culture and delicate community. Tantuvi works with Ikat weavers in South India reinterpreting traditional patterns and weaves of the region and dhurrie weavers of North India for our flat weave rugs. By working collaboratively with hand-loom co-operatives, the company helps sustain the artisans and craft to preserve their intimate traditions of hand spun, dyed, and woven cottons and silks of the Eastern Ghats and Rajasthan.  Through the co-operative women are being trained in all aspects of weaving.

Each rug measures 2′ x 3′


Cleaning: depending on the stain its recommended to either spot clean with soapy water or vinegar and blot clean.  Also for dirt or dust, using a brush or taking it outside and beating it lifts it all out. For something more serious like wine or pet stains, taking it to a cleaner is best.

shipping and misc. information

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blue diamond stripes, orange diamond stripes, red diamond stripes, black beige squares, navy red squares, yellow grey squares, blue zigzag, yellow zigzag, black spiral squares, orange spiral squares

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