Carla Denker first opened PLASTICA in June of 1996 in Silverlake, Los Angeles. PLASTICA was a boutique filled with unique items 
from around the world as well as products by local designers. Although some of the merchandise was literally plastic, 
Plastica featured items made out of any number of different materials. The dictionary definition below best describes our 
theme of plastic: plastic / ‘plas-tik / adj [L plasticus of molding, fr. GR plastikos, fr. plassein to mold, form] 1 : FORMATIVE, CREATIVE 
<~ FORCES IN NATURE> 2 a : capable of being molded or modeled <~ clay> b : capable of adapting to varying 
conditions : PLIABLE 3 : SCULPTURAL

PLASTICA featured a mix of special one of a kind items and practical functional everyday items. Accessories, housewares, 
gifts, kids toys, office accessories were all carefully curated and displayed in a small boutique most recently located in 
West Hollywood.

PLASTICA has closed for business as of November 30, 2017.  Please visit our new business SPACEWORKS ORGANIZING.